Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Arrogance of Football Players...

Recently I've been getting more and more angry at the arrogance of football players. Whether they're refusing to fulfill their contractual obligation to play for the club that pays the wages, or parading their latest spending sprees on social media, telling the world "look how much money I earn, even though I'm playing terribly week in week out."

More recently I got into an argument with some Birmingham City Youth players in Birmingham City centre as (dressed head to toe in their clubs training gear) they pushed into queues and abused other customers at a food establishment in The Bullring.

The arrogance is unbelievable! There is nobody that they hold themselves accountable to it would seem! They live in a world with no responsibility and no consideration for how their behaviour and actions impacts others!

And then this morning, I see this!

Kevin Foley pictured with his arm around none other than Tommy Robinson, the now "retired" ex-leader of the EDL!

Now this blog is NOT a forum for racial or patriotic debate, and it never will be, so I'm not even going to start on my opinions of Mr Robinson. I will, however, criticise our player for a terrible and ridiculous error.

I don't care if Foley and Robinson are te best of friends, I don't care if this was thier first ever meeting. What I do care about is how a player for the team I follow and adore has such a clear disregard for how he is perceived. Foley is a public figure. A football player. A hero. An idol. An aspirational figure which boys and men alike look up to and admire... And this throws all of that admiration back in our faces!

People will say it's not his fault, and that he may not have any control over how this picture was used or distributed. I don't care. If I was a public figure with fans, and my best friend was as controversial a figure as Mr Robinson, I simply would not allow something a stupid as this to happen...

It's called responsibility, morals, values and ethics. It's called class, and tastefulness... Maybe football players should look these words up some time!

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Since posting this, I have had a short twitter interaction with Tommy Robinson himself, who has confirmed that Kevin Foley DOES NOT follow or support the EDL, and that the picture is taken purely to celebrate a fellow man from Luton who has found success in what he does. (Questionable)

To confirm, I never for a second believed that this picture indicated that Kevin Foley was a supporter or follower of the EDL. At all! And I hope that in the context of the full post, it is understood that my concern is more that modern day football players seemingly have little or no consideration for how they are perceived by their fans when they make decisions such as being pictured with the ex-leader of a controversial group.

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  1. I am not a follower of the EDL and in fact am the opposite prior to joining the military I used to march with SKAN.....but I am a firm believer in freedom of speech and freedom of choice and find your rant completely arrogant in regards to who an individual should be photographed with you need to get down off your high horse.....yes I understand the rant about the arrogance of young footballers but that is modern society for you and the arrogance is there for politicians, bankers, doctors and a host of other professions who think they are above the ´little people´. Please though don´t dictate what an individual is entitled to think even if it goes against the grain otherwise we head for a controlled state...